Project Meetings

The partnership plans to have 6 Transnational Project Meetings (TPMs). Besides the content-discussion regarding the intellectual outputs, dissemination, evaluation, monitoring, valorisation, and sustainability will be discussed during these meetings. Whenever possible, meetings will also include visits to schools, universities, and other educational settings to improve all partners understanding of the educational context in each partner country.
The TPMs are scheduled as follows:
TPM1 Norrköping Nov 2020 to plan and start the initial coordination of all project activities.
TMP2 Parma, May 2021 to finalize the IO1 and plan the IO2
TPM 3 Esslingen Dec 2021 to assess the results emerged
TPM4 Collecchio May 2022 to Evaluate the LTT 1, plan the LTT 2. And discuss about first steps for developing IO3.
TPM 5 Luleå Dec 2022 to Evaluate the LTT 1&2, to finalize IO2 and prepare IO3
TPM 6 Trondheim May 2023 to Finalize IO3, prepare Multiplier events in each country, evaluate the project, and plan the final report and local implementation.