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The questionnaire developed by the BE+ project is aimed at providing indications about the quality of the international work done in your school. The purpose is not to judge but to let you consider elements that can be of help in improving the quality of the international while giving an opportunity to set in motion a process of reflection which can lead to an enhanced organisational capacity.


The BE+ tool is based on an approach to capacity building which builds on a three-level-model. The model builds on the assumption that an organisation, and more specifically a school, is capacitated to act at transnational level if it adequately addresses internally three levels: the Organizational level (or attitude), the Strategic Level and the Operational Level.
Each of these levels is important and necessary in order to exert capacity but the combination of all of them can lead to a fully capacitated school when it comes to international affairs. The organisational level is the level which is most conceptual as it shows essentially the attitude and the organisational climate towards the international/European dimension. In this respect it is important that the components of the school (teachers, management, etc) have shared vision of the school, a good self-understanding of the school as an educational agency and show a positive approach to learning as an organisation.

The strategic level is the area which pertains the capacity of the organisation to plan and to set priorities and last but not least the capacity to adapt. This aspect of capacity in terms of effectiveness is strongly related on the organisational level as for example a stronger vision of the school will make it easier to prioritize topics and plan ahead. Last but not least, the operational level is the one that is most often connected to the notion of organisational capacity. This level refers to the activities and more specifically aspects pertaining capacity of implementing effectively the activities while having a shared division of tasks inside the schools. This is the level which is very often connected to or rather identified with capacity in the field of international activities. Good operational capacity per se does not necessary reflect into overall capacity as an organisation.


Based on your responses, your Preschool/School will receive an individualised feedback. The evaluation scale is articulated on a score from 0-100. There are four degrees of capacity which sum the scores obtained in the questions connected to each of the three levels:

  • Low capacity of the school to act internationally (0-42)
  • Sufficient Capacity of the school to act internationally (43-60)
  • Satisfactory Capacity of the school to act internationally (61-78)
  • High Capacity of the school to act internationally (79-100)


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  • Strategic Level
  • Operational Level
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