Aboutthe project

BE+ is an Erasmus+ funded Strategic Partnership for innovation running for a 3-year-period

  • in-service K-12 teachers
  • school leaders
  • administrative staff at schools
  • policymakers (school leaders, educational advisers and other stakeholders


The general objective of the project is therefor to increase the administrative and organizational capacity in K-12 school education so that teaching and management staff is better prepared to transnational collaboration within the Erasmus+ framework.
Specific Objectives(SO) are to: 1- Support schools to develop a thorough need analysis in relation to capacity building
2 - Develop innovative methodology and tools to meet the training needs of school staff
3 - Improve the skills of school staff in understanding and implementing a project cycle management
4 - Develop a toolbox that will prepare schools for the forthcoming Erasmus+ programme

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