BE+ Self-Assessment Questionnaire

a from a completed the questionnaire developed by the BE+ project.

Below you can find an individualised feedback for a which provides indications about the quality of the international work done in your school.

The TOTAL SCORE for a is 51 points out of 100!

Sufficient Capacity of the school to act internationally , this means that there is an adequate or good basis on which to work on but there are still areas of improvement in the international work.

You scored 27 points out of 35

This means that the school has a generally very strong awareness of its international work as a key tool for school development.


International work is carried out on a regularly basis in the school, but it not yet fully recognised as an ordinary activity of the school. The school is fully aligned to the objectives of the local school authority when it comes to international work. The school knows that an international strategy of the municipality exists but is not aware of its details.

You scored 13 points out of 35 points

This means that the capacity of the school of planning and setting priorities in its international work is not yet sufficiently developed.

Development activities are always planned on the basis of previously identified needs of the staff and pupils. The school operates following a plan based on collective needs and does not leave space for spontaneous activities or individual interests. The school shares its international activities in ways that can be improved in qualitative and/or quantitative terms. The school has a leadership that is not so interested in the ongoing international projects and/or does not monitor adequately.

You scored 11 points out of 30 points

The capacity of the school of planning and setting priorities in its international work is not yet sufficiently developed.

The participation in the international activities is wide across the school components and this ensures better engagement and transfer of the results.If only one person coordinates all the international activities, decisions might be quicker but it might prove difficult to have a stronger impact and engagement at school level on a wider variety of activities.A substantial amount of time is allocated to international work allowing for an adequate planning and implementation of the activities.


If you need more information about Be+, please contact:

  • Katarina Sperling, Municipality of Norrköping,
  • Nicola Catellani, SERN,

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